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From Berlin to Paris. 2 cities, with different modes of cultural melting and distinct urban societies and histories. Vincenz Sala is a young gallery with a long history. Starting off in the mid-80ies in Berlin, it moved to Brussels in the late 90ies, and, after a long sabbatical, has reopened in 2011 with a gallery space in Paris and a project room in Berlin. It’s programmatic focus migrates between young upcoming artists, working across all media, and established, mostly sculptural, positions it has been following over the years.  Paris and Berlin are points of departure not destinations.



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La sélection des Jeudis Arty


52, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
tel: +33 (0) 658 933 927+33 (0) 982 473 715



SOUVENIRS des nocturnes des JEUDIS ARTY